Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Presents

 We decided this year not to exchange gifts among the family.  Our granddaughter, Casey, was the only exception.  We all got gifts for Casey.  All the kids say that the freedom from having to figure out what to get each other, their mother, and me made this the best Christmas ever.  I have to agree.

I still got gifts, though.  Three in particular made my day.

The first was a special visit from an old friend.  Right before noon, a cardinal who lives in our neighborhood, and who frequents our make–shift bird feeder, came by to have his lunch.  Usually when he comes, I see him, run to get my camera, and find that he is long gone when I get in position to take his picture.  Today, he stayed around for a long Christmas lunch and I was able to get a lot of photos of him, one of which is posted at the top of this entry.  Isn’t he gorgeous?

The next gift was going to see The King’s Speech with my daughter, Sarah.  It was a wonderful movie.  Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush were great.  The story was heroic in its way, and the history in it was fascinating.  Both Sarah and I loved it.

The final gift was a combination of two electronic messages.  One was from my friend, “Tony,” the gay exhibitionist, admiring the photos of the cardinal that I had posted.  I didn’t know he shared my love of cardinals, truly majestic birds.  It’s fun to find even more things in common with friends.  The other was an e–mail from a seminary classmate with whom I just recently re–connected.  After our second e–mail exchange, I sent him a link to this blog.  I wanted him to know who I am now so that he wouldn’t be surprised (or worse) later on.  His Christmas message was the first since he had seen my blog.  He was accepting, kind, and truly friendly.  A great Christmas present!!!

It’s been a very good day.  Now to all a good night!

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