Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have I got 16 Books for You!!!!!

This is Janet Evanovich.  I am in love with her.

Actually, I’m in love with her fictional character, Stephanie Plum.

Stephanie is a thirty–something bounty hunter who lives and works in Trenton, New Jersey.  She came to the profession of bounty hunting after being laid off from her job in a women’s underwear company.  As Stephanie says of herself, she’s neither the best nor the worst bounty hunter in the world.

Stephanie works frequently with her pal, Lula, a former “ho” who is “an ample woman.”  Lula loves spandex (five sizes too small) with lots of sparkle.

Stephanie works with, and has romantic feelings for, two hunks: Joe Morelli, a Trenton police officer, and Ranger, a fellow bounty hunter.  Her descriptions of her erotic feelings for these two guys have been an education for me.

Ms. Evanovich has written 16 Stephanie Plum novels, all peopled with an outrageous mix of characters.  Some of my favorites: Sally Sweet, a straight transvestite rock musician; Mooner, one of Stephanie’s sweetest friends, not too bright, but very loyal and widely known for experimenting with pharmaceuticals’s; Rex, Stephanie’s beloved pet hamster; and Bella Morelli, Joe Morelli’s grandma, who gives bad people “the Eye.”  She once gave “the Eye” to a Trenton bad dude, after which the dude was never able to achieve erection.  As you may imagine, her influence among the Trenton underworld grew exponentially thereafter.

Ms. Evanovich titles her novels to include the novel’s sequence in the series.  The first is One for the Money.  I am reading To the Nines.  I’m getting worried. . . there are only seven more left!

I just found out that the first film to be made from the Stephanie Plum novels, One for the Money, will be released next July.  Katherine Heigl stars as Stephanie!!!  Daniel Sunjata (from Broadway's Take Me Out) will play Ranger.  I can't wait!!!!

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