Friday, December 17, 2010


I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life.  Until now, the best was Ginger, a beagle who adopted us back in the 1950's and who lived with us for about 10 years before she died.  After Ginger came Gwen (Golden Retriever); Bruno, Hans, Mitty, and Willie (all Pomeranians); Amos and Andy (old country hound dogs); Sammy (a Samoyed); Shorty (Lhasa Apso); and others whose names I have forgotten.

In a tie with Ginger for the best–dog–ever award is our current pup, Lucky.  She is mostly a Border Collie and is about two years old, according to the vet.  Sarah found her one winter day wandering the streets.  She approached Sarah and jumped into Sarah’s car.  Matt, Sarah’s husband, liked Lucky too, so she moved ion with Sarah, Matt, and Casey.

Frequently, when Sarah would visit with us, she would bring Lucky with her, along with her other dog, Suzie.  About a year ago, Beni and I started finding Lucky trying to get into our back yard, having jumped over Sarah’s fence and then having made her way alone the .5 miles to our house.  Over and over again, Lucky would come here.  Sarah and Matt work long hours and Sarah’s dogs were left in the yard while Sarah and Matt were at work.  Lucky, Beni and I think, preferred being with us because we were almost always at home.  Lucky loves company.

After a month or two during which Lucky would escape, come to our house, and then be taken back home, Matt suggested that we keep her.  We did, gladly.  She has been our pup ever since.

Lucky is mostly Beni’s pup.  She sleeps with Beni and Beni takes her just about everywhere she goes.  We took her with us when we drove to Florida in June to visit my Mom.  Even in this brutal winter weather, Lucky and Beni go on long walks almost every morning.  Though she is Beni’s pup, I love her, too, and Lucky and I have become good buddies.

Lucky understands English.  She anticipates (or so it seems) almost every direction we give her.  She knows when we want to cuddle with her, and she knows when we want her to nap by herself.  She has amazing eyes that can be flirtatious or caring or daring or guilt–inducing.   Recently, she and Beni didn’t have their walk for a few days and Lucky had lots of energy to burn.  She came up to my office, barked twice at me in a commanding tone, and took me downstairs where she found a ball of yarn and made me play tug–of–war with her.  She has a big bark, and will bark when someone knocks at the door, but she loves just about everybody she meets.

It doesn’t matter what we’re doing—Lucky wants to be with us.  That’s all she wants (besides food, water, and her walk)—to be with us.  She is sweet–natured, bright, loving, loyal, and fun.  She is good to people who come to visit and she’s gentle with Casey.  She is, in other words, the perfect pup for two old geezers.  We both love her and we both are thankful to Sarah, Matt, and the fates that Lucky is part of our lives.

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