Sunday, December 26, 2010

Memories of A Christmas Past

Christmas 2010 now is a memory, and a great memory, too!

We had our Christmas dinner last night.  The menu this year was barbecue.  Beni Marie did most of the cooking, and as always, her work was outstanding.  She prepared pulled pork barbecue and barbecued chicken, corn pudding, cole slaw, baked beans, and several kinds of home–made bread.  Sarah brought an excellent creamed spinach.  Annie brought barbecued ribs, honestly the best any of us ever had tasted—she made her own sauce!

Beni Marie made praline bread pudding for dessert.  I LOVE bread pudding, and this was a fantastic version.  Beni Marie, Beni, and Sarah worked together to make a delicious and HUGE apple pie.
After dinner, Casey opened her gifts from Yaya and me.  Almost the last gifts of the day.

Beni Marie hid her gifts to Casey, two books and a game having to do with Casey’s current passion, dragons.  To find them, Casey had to solve a series of clues that made up a treasure hunt.  Beni Marie designed the hunt so Casey would have to use logic and math.  Casey, of course, aced the hunt and found her gifts.

Poor Annie came down with a respiratory problem and had to spend most of the day in bed.


Except for Annie’s being under the weather, it was one for the history books!

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