Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

I admit it. . .  I love Christmas.

Admitting that seems so unhip.  I’m not sure I believe in any of the Christmas religious stuff anymore, so why this childish affection for a Christian feast?

Memories: I loved Christmas when I was young and when our kids were young.  The memories of presents given and received are great!

Music: I LOVE Christmas carols, especially the old, authentic ones from Germany, France, England, and Africa.  I played the organ for more Christmas masses and services than I can count, and I enjoyed every single minute.  I remember one year the Choir Director, leading the children’s choir, on the spur of the moment told the kids to sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus at the end of Mass, and I played along with them. . .  Probably one of the most rousing renditions of that song I’ve ever heard.

Food: What can I say?  I love all the special food that’s served on Christmas.  I love the fact that everyone expects me to eat and no one counts calories.  Great food day!

Spirit: The ancient proclamation of peace and good will is ever new, regardless of the authenticity of its accompanying story.  The Christmas message is worth hearing at least once a year regardless of religious belief.

So, Merry Christmas to everyone who visits this blog.  I hope all the wishes of your life come true.  My wish for you is a life full of love, happiness, and fun!

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