Thursday, January 13, 2011

iPhones, Roku, and Me

I really like to play with the fun technology that’s available now.  I can’t believe what the new stuff can do.  I remember the progress of technology from the cathode-ray tube TV to the HDMI flat screen we have now.  It’s amazing!

Beni enjoys the fruits of the technology—she loves watching streaming Netflix videos on our TV, for example—but she is a little wary of hands–on operation.  I’ve been pestering her for months now to get a smart phone.  I got a Blackberry last May and I love it, and I thought that Beni would like having something similar, especially for its camera and e–mail capabilities.  She resisted all this time until last week, when she asked if she still could upgrade her cell phone to a Blackberry.  Apparently she wants to take photographs whenever the impulse hits, and she isn’t likely to take a camera with her everywhere.  I checked with AT&T and found that for the same cost as a Blackberry upgrade she could get an iPhone 3GS.  I ordered one for her based on the glowing recommendations from Sarah and Matt, both of whom have had iPhones for several months.

The phone came on Tuesday, and Beni loves it.  She is making calls, reading her e–mail, doing on–line banking, and checking the weather.  No use of the camera so far, though.  I love the iPhone too.  It is a fascinating piece of work.  It is the most user–friendly electronic device I’ve encountered.  The fact that Beni is so comfortable with it so soon after being introduced to it is the only proof anyone should need that this thing is a design miracle.  I’m so glad Beni is finally getting comfortable with on–line stuff like banking, and I love watching her use the phone so competently.

The girls banded together and for my birthday got me a Roku streaming player for the TV.  It came today.  It took a while to install, but it’s a great device, too.  There are so many channels available on the thing.  There are several hundred in the Roku Channel Store, and a whole bunch more “unlisted” channels that are available but not offered in the Channel Store.  The gay channel is one of the “hidden” ones.  I’ve been busy the past several hours just exploring all the content available.  I’m still not sure I’ve checked it all out.  I LOVE it!!!

I envy Casey (my granddaughter) who was born in 2002.  Imagine the technology she will experience and use in her lifetime.  She will be living her life with technologies that I can’t begin to fathom, and I think that is amazing.  She is a whiz on the computer already and can play games on her Wii and on some other smaller games computer that she carries around with her.  She takes it all for granted!  Good for her.

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