Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow, Taxes, Cigarettes, and Jimmy Buffet

It’s 5:30 in the afternoon.  It’s been snowing off–and–on since this morning.  It just got serious about 3 pm.  We have about 4 inches, with as much as six additional inches forecast.  Yuch!

I did our taxes today.  I already had done the compilation of mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and medical costs.  When my annuity 1099 arrived today, I was all set.  Thanks to TurboTax, it took only about 30 minutes to do both Federal and West Virginia taxes.  We get a refund on Federal, but owe on State.  We should move to Florida where there is no state tax!  Doing the taxes made me want to smoke, and I did.  I went out in the snow and got cigarettes and smoked.  It didn’t help one bit.  Now I have to throw them away and get back on the nicotine wagon.

Becky went to Winchester to exercise at the hospital gym there.  While she was gone, the snow got intense and I got worried.  She got home a few minutes ago, none the worse for wear.  She didn’t make it into our parking area off the alley, however, and her car is stuck in the ramp going to the loading dock of the old bakery in back of our house.  That’s a problem for tomorrow.

I’m not at my best today.  I have a lot of unfulfilled wishes.  I would love to be in the Caribbean somewhere with warm weather, no snow, no taxes, and no cigarettes.  I would love to be as thin as I was 10 years ago (size 33 waist).  I would love to be talking with some friends and having vodka and tonics on a beach.  I would love a conversation today that had nothing to do with the weather, my taxes, peoples’ health, the cost of living, or the idiocy of conservative politicians.  I would love to live somewhere where fundamentalist religious zealots had no say in any public matter.  I’m not going to get any of my wishes. . . today anyway.

Instead, I’ll let myself enjoy talking to my family, watching Modern Family on TV, and finishing Palo Alto, the book of short stories by the actor James Franco (good book, in my opinion, although critics disagree).  That will be more than enough to make me happy, I think.

And I’ll listen to Jimmy Buffet sing Margaritaville over and over again while keeping my eyes closed.

The snow has to stop sooner or later, right?

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