Monday, January 3, 2011

Tincture of Time

Becky is home for a month.  She’ll be arranging her new life in Northern Virginia.  While she does that, though, her mother and I will have the great pleasure of her company.

Becky brought her photo albums with her.  She has a lot of photos that I haven’t had before.  So there’s a lot of scanning to do, and I made a start this morning.  The more I look at these pictures of the girls when they were young, the more enchanted I am with them and with those older times.  I have to force myself to remember what was happening back then so that I don’t put myself in some sort of mystical and totally fake la-la land.

When these pictures were taken, Beni and I were struggling with four little people, each of whom had needs, wants, and strong personalities.  Annie was going into Children’s Hospital for monitoring visits pretty often—often enough that her health was always on the front burner.  Beni and I were still getting to know one another and struggling with issues that weren’t seriously addressed until ten years later.  We were happy, without doubt, but these weren’t the idyllic days that I seem to think they were when I look at the wonderful old photos.

The girls all turned out great, Beni and I still hang out together and enjoy one another, and all of us love getting together as a family.  Now really are the idyllic days, and, if I live long enough, I’m sure I’ll see these days as some of my best.

I remember talking to a doc at USUHS soon after I went to work there.  I asked him something about how long it takes to get over a certain illness.  He said that “tincture of time” takes care of a lot of pain in life, physical and otherwise.  That’s what’s happened to me, I think.  Any difficulty from those old days has been healed by the tincture of time, and forgotten.

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