Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Justin Rosario, Thinker and Writer

It’s Wednesday again!  That means that my heartthrob, Justin Rosario, has written another brilliant piece on  This time, he takes on the recently–designated hate group, the Family Research Council, and its “arguments. . . against same sex marriage (and homosexuals in general)” and suggests ways “to dissect and debunk the propaganda.”  Please read the article at

Justin’s work doesn’t need an exegesis or an amplification.  He is clear and to the point.  The only comment I want to make on the arguments of the Family Research Council et al., against gay marriage is most of their arguments are based on religious bigotry.  Marriage in this country is basically a civil institution.  A couple can be legitimately married as long as they have a civil license to marry.  A civil officer (judge, justice of the peace, mayor, ship’s captain) can legally witness a marriage and that marriage is completely valid.  A religious official also can witness a marriage but, without a civil license, the marriage isn’t worth squat.  I get so sick of people talking about faithfulness, commitment, etc., that come from a religious, not civil, understanding of marriage.  Gay people aren’t asking the courts to allow religious marriage.  We’re asking the courts to give us the same civil right to marriage that straight people have!

Enough about marriage.  I’m not that big a fan of marriage anyway, even though I strongly support the right of all people to marry the person they love.

What I really want to talk about is Justin Rosario.

I honestly don’t know this man at all.  Yesterday, he published a piece about how he has had to deal with conservative friends on FaceBook (read it, if you haven’t already, at  He deals there with a problem similar to the one I wrote about last December (  In yesterday’s piece, he talks a little about his own life, specifically that he and his wife have decided that he will be a stay–at–home dad for the greater good of the whole family.  One of his so–called friends gave him some nasty shit about that decision.  Justin dealt with the shit and the shit–maker appropriately.

This guy is a terrific writer, clearly of professional quality, and each of his essays bears witness to his talent.  As a professor of mine in college once noted, however, just because you can write well doesn’t mean you have something to say.  Justin doesn’t have that problem!!!  More important than Justin’s great writing ability is his ability to think: his mind works logically, clearly, and with good analytical insight.  The combination of an unusually fine writing skill with a well–developed intellect is rare and a delight to find.   Justin writes while he takes care of his family.  It’s his “hobby,” so to speak.  My wish for him is that he will be noticed by someone who will be able to turn that second job into a real job, with pay.  So much badly–written and badly–thought bullshit is on line and in the papers.  Justin needs a bigger audience, a proper reward for his work, and a decent platform to explore the important ideas about which he writes.  I wish all those things for this decent young man!

Justin, you are the MAN!!!!

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