Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Christian "Bashing"??????????

My text for today comes from FaceBook (again).

This morning, discussing what it means to be a “liberal,” Patty Kadlec wrote, “And regarding religion, it seems lately that liberals are very free to bash religions which to me does not seem very tolerant.”  You can read the entire discussion at

I responded to her initially by writing that religions in the hands of fanatics are dangerous and that I have the right to yell when religious people do evil things.  Christians have done, and today continue to do, a lot of harm to innocent people.  Acting in the name of Jesus, his early followers persecuted and killed people for believing something other than they believed.  Christians, on their crusades, created an anti–Western antagonism among Muslims that exists very concretely to this day.  Christians terrorized Europe with the Inquisition.  Christians and Christian anti–Semitism were responsible for the Holocaust.  Fundamentalist Christians today are trying to created a culture of ignorance, intolerance, and superstition in this country that is as much a menace as anything our external enemies are trying to do to us.

In writing all that, am I “bashing” Christians?  I honestly don’t know.  I honestly don’t care.  All of it is true.

What I am not writing, and what I do not believe, is that Christianity should be shut down, although objectively a case could be made for just such action.  Christians who take care of the business of making themselves holy are people I respect, admire, and most often like.  Christians who work to help the poor, the sick, the young, the helpless, the immigrant, the ignorant—all these Christians, in my mind, are the real Christians and the world can’t have enough of them.  These are the Christians I believe Jesus would recognize as his followers were he to return today.  I don’t yell about these Christians.

I rant about the Christians that threaten this country’s level of intelligence, tolerance, and justice.  I rant about Christians who believe that wealth is de facto a sign of God’s favor.  I rant about Christians who are secretly racist in their attitudes toward the poor, immigrants, and undereducated inner city young people.  I rant about Christians who home school their children so that their children aren’t exposed to the cultural gathering place of public education.  I rant about Christians who believe in Intelligent Design and who refuse to believe the science behind warnings of global warming.  I rant about Christians who are so keen on the myth of “The Rapture” that they refuse to engage in the reality of our current world.

In writing all that, am I “bashing” Christians?  I honestly don’t know.  I honestly don’t care.

One last rant on this topic (for today, anyway).  I found myself sincerely resenting Ms. Kadlec’s use of the word “bashing” in this context.  As a gay man, I find it almost obscene that a person worried about “disrespect” of one of the mightiest institutions on the face of the Earth (the amalgamated Christian church) would use that word to describe what she sees as impolite or negatively critical  treatment.  When liberals are making life so difficult for Christians that young Christians commit suicide, then that would be bashing.  When liberals refuse to acknowledge the reality of Christians’ love for one another and seek laws to restrict expression of that love, then that would be bashing.  When liberals wait outside Christian churches with baseball bats, seeking to club an unsuspecting Christian on his/her way home, then that would be bashing.  When liberals are allowed to refuse to hire Christians because of their belief, then that would be bashing.  Speaking the truth to Christian believers about the harm that they and/or their coreligionists are doing is not bashing.

Here ends the lesson for today.  Thanks be to God.


  1. Thanks for Ranting against those who try to use religion to justify their bigotry and for pretending their their greed is somehow holy (in spite of what Jesus and the prophets said). Most of your rant facts were accurate (except for the early followers of Christ killing and somehow figuring Hitler was killing Jews, Gypsies, and Christians for Jesus. Your rant might be more effective if you distinguished your players better. I would recommend googling dominionism ("christian" reconstructionism") and look and see that these are our own taliban waiting to recreate america in their own image (and blame it on God)

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  3. Mr. Clark, The early xtians did kill in the name of JC as soon as they attained the power to oppress (see Constantine). Hitler was a Roman Catholic whose hatred of "the other" was fostered by that church's indoctrination. However, Nazism became another religion in itself (as did the other 'godless' nationalistic movements of individual oppression, genocide and mass slaughter that arose in the 20th century).

  4. Brilliantly done, sir... please don't stop ranting!