Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thoughts on FaceBook - a 2nd Video Post

I want to thank some special FB friends:

Diana Kennady Geary. . . for being a great pal, a true liberal, and for teaching me all about Kentucky and its basketball team.

Justin Rosario. . . for being a great and gifted writer, for making me think, and for making me enjoy thinking.

Fran Woodring. . . for keeping me in her sites, for being down–to–earth and honest, and for being an insightful thinker.

Irmagarde Beatrice Crabby. . . for being Irmagarde Beatrice Crabby.

Jim Howland. . . for being funny, insightful, and good to chat with.

Christopher Rose. . . for his gentle posts that almost always show his love, and for being an SOB when the occasion calls for it.

David Haberman. . . for making the use of the word “fuck” an art form. . . no one cusses like David. . . I’m learning from the goddamn master!

Diana Hickman. . . for having some of the most fascinating posts. . .

Glenn Dewar. . . for teaching me about gardening in New York and for making me examine my thinking.  Glenn is a brilliant guy!

KimThe DudeWhistler. . . for being just a cool guy. . . too bad he’s so young and so straight.

Larry Thompson. . . for his insightful posts, but really for the sexy pictures he posts just to distract me from the business at hand.

Ryan SoRight I'm Left Mergen. . . for being one of most mult-talented dudes I’ve ever come across, for his caring, and for having a really interesting way of expressing his rage.

Stephen G. Ford. . . for his posts about animals, the environment, religion, and life in general. . . the man knows whereof he writes.

Rick Wade. . . for being funny, for having a weird penis, and for telling me about Seth.

Matthew Desmond. . . for addictinginfo.org that allows so many people to write, and for his own writing and posts.

Neal Daringer. . . for being open, fascinating, caring, ex–Army, and smart as hell.

MarĂ­ Sandoval. . . for being straight (forgive the expression) with me and for her encouragement.

And to everybody else. . . thank you for the privilege of sharing your time on FB.

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