Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Men and Women and Anthony Weiner's Genitals

I was amazed last night at the reactions of people on FaceBook to Congressman Anthony Weiner’s confession.  Most people, male and female, were forgiving in the end.  People were disappointed; people were worried about the impact his behavior would have on his career; people were concerned for his private life.  Most people, though, gave him a break.  Invariably, the people who didn’t give him a break were women.  This was a universal finding among the many, many comments I read.  It’s hard to quantify, but I know I saw at least 300 different reactions to Mr. Weiner’s confession.  All the people who weren’t able to forgive him were women.  I’ve been wondering why ever since.  Here are some rambling thoughts on this topic. . .

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  1. Ed, you stated exactly my thoughts on the subject before I even watched your video blog. To be honest with you, as I told you on your FB page, I was more dissapointed that he didn't just fess up when he was first caught. He really should have known better and he should have known that everything would eventually come out. However, there is one thing on which I disagree with you and it has to do with the use of erotic pictures and intimacy. Of course, no one knows exactly what goes on in a marriage. However, sometimes I wonder what it's like for men, powerful men who can get almost anything and how they deal with that sense of power. I don't know, but sometimes I wonder if Weiner wanted a smart strong, assertive woman for a wife, but at the same time, he liked the idea of a submissive woman, one who is a sex object and one who simply saw him as a sex object. For men especially, I am thinking that they have that need to be in control and feel like they are on top of the world at all times, even if those feelings are superficial and over the internet. I have a real issue with men who raise to power and then use their power for sexual gratification. I also blame the women who were exchanging messages with Weiner. They knew he was married and they too acted like hussies! Ok, it's late and that's my rant for the day.