Friday, August 26, 2011

Religious Superstition and Blame

WARNING: The following is a RANT filled with OBSCENITY!!!!

I HAVE HAD IT!!!!  Hurricane Katrina caused by tolerance of gays.  Disney World’s Gay Days will cause hurricanes and destruction.  9/11 caused not by insane zealots but by tolerance of gays.  Now comes a post on FaceBook—with instructions to pass the post along—that attributes Hurricane Irene, the Virginia earthquake, the drought and heat in Texas, and–probably–every night spent tending to a baby with colic to this:   “. . .people are fighting to take God out of everything, [and] seems to me God is sending an awfully loud message!!!!!”


IF those who believe this nonsense also believe that they are Christians, then I refer them to 1 John 4/16: “God is love.”  Period.  Love.

I don’t agree with Richard Dawkins on some issues, but I do agree with him on this: the cruel god described in the Jewish scripture, and in Paul’s letters, is a monster, an evil and sadistic monster who is the antithesis of love.

Any parent who loves her or his children will know that this attribution of mass destruction to a loving parental god is false.  Any lover who cherishes a beloved will know that no part of love wishes death, destruction, and misery for the beloved.

What are these people thinking?  How full of ignorance are they?  What makes them attribute to god what, in my opinion, would have to be attributed to an evil spirit—i.e., Satan—IF all these things were caused by some spiritual power.

As it happens, none of these things is a spiritual phenomenon.  All of them are natural phenomena.  Some of them are demonstrably caused by global warming, a FACT that these same religionists deny.  Global warming makes the oceans hotter and hot water in the oceans is one of the prime causes of hurricanes.  Global warming causes hotter weather and disrupts rain patterns.  Nothing mystical is going on here.  Scientists have warned us that such things would happen and—guess what?—they’re happening.  In the face of this REALITY, these idiots continue to drive their SUV’s, continue to insist that global warming is a liberal/socialist fantasy meant to ruin their comfort levels, and blame all the RESULTS of global warming on a failure to be superstitious enough, a failure to be homophobic enough, a failure to be intolerant enough.

I was an extremely challenged science student in high school and college.  I worked my ass off for B’s and C’s in my science classes.  But I learned enough to understand the discipline of science and the scientific method.  Did all these religious idiots not take science in their home–schools?  Or is it just easier for them to blame gay people and keep on doing those things that ruin the planet?

Fuck them all.

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