Friday, October 21, 2011

Sorry for my Ignorance!

I found the above photo of a sculpture last Monday when I was net-surfing.  It had a caption:  "Why?  WTF?"  I posted it to my FaceBook wall with my own caption:  "Art is an amazing part of life, but some artists need to learn to keep their mistakes to themsleves. . ."
There was a fair number of comments about the sculpture.  Several of them dealt with the issue of body image among young women.  Others were thoughtful.  Some were as facile as my own.
Coming back to my own post of this photo time after time to read the comments, I spent a good bit of time just looking at the sculpture.  And you know what?  I came to like it.  In its own way, it's really beautiful!

I'm not sure what the sculptor had in mind when (s)he created it, but I came to see it as an expression of the female nature:  strong, fertile, proud, sexy.  That it doesn't conform to the skinny type of female form usually used to depict the generic 21st century female is part of its statement, obviously.  What the artist probably is saying is that beauty comes in all forms and in each form there is something to enjoy, to think about, to be edified by.

So, I am a fan of this sculpture.  I like it.  It made me feel and think in ways that I don't usually take the time or make the effort to think and feel.

And that's almost a definition of art, isn't it?  Something that depicts reality in a way that makes me stop and feel and then think.
By that definition - by any definition - this piece is really and truly and essentially art!  So I know "why."  I don't have to ask "WTF?".

And I know for sure that the artist knew precisely what (s)he was doing.

One thing (s)he was doing was reminding this old fart what beauty means and what art is.

My apologies to those who saw my original remarks.  As usual, I was full of shit!

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  1. See... as a female, who is above the nationally mandated "ideal weight" and with a daughter who is above the nationally mandated "ideal weight", I still dislike the piece. Obesity comes with co-morbid health issues and while a goddess body (round and full) is beautiful, a morbidly obese body equals early death. I can find beauty in this piece if it were taken down about 100 pounds. :) LOVE your viewpoint, Ed. Really love your insight. <3