Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hey, "Conservative, Christian Gay Man": Shut the Fuck Up!
It’s been a difficult day.  I had to spend time with my Mom’s bank, with her attorney, and with the Funeral Home.  Then my dog had some kind of gastrointestinal blowout all over the rug.  The grocery store didn’t have any Coke Zero (I am a certified addict) or any Mr. Clean with Fabreeze (see comment about dog and rug above).  All–in–all, a less than stellar day, although the weather was glorious.

Then I log onto Facebook seeking diversion and maybe a little fun, and what do I find but the story linked above.  Some asshole gossip columnist in Chicago (a self–described "conservative, Christian gay man") and one other reporter are saying that President Obama is in the closet, that he’s really gay.

A perfectly shitty way to close out a perfectly shitty day.

What bothers me about this, you may wonder.  Well. . .

It makes being gay seem to be a bad thing.  These reichpublicans want to malign the President, so they allege he's gay.  I can imagine their delight in the repercussions as fellow know–nothings jump for joy at the “news.”

The rumor was started by an admittedly gay man, although how anyone can claim to be gay and conservative and “Christian” and keep a straight face is beyond me.  Even if the President were gay (notice the subjunctive mood, indicating by glorious English grammar that I’m believing nothing of this ridiculous rumor), why out him?  If a person had been consistently against gay people and causes, while himself being gay, then I believe outing is appropriate.  To out someone for no other reason than to mess with the minds of fellow idiots is unfair, malicious, and self–hating.  But any “gay conservative Christian” is self–hating by definition, in my opinion.

My gaydar is pretty good, even at my advanced age.  Believe me, if the President ever had emitted even the least gay sign, my gaydar would have buzzed.  It never has.  I search the universe for men who, like the President, are brilliant, attractive, effective, and charismatic so that I can turn my gaydar in their direction.  I am as sure as I can be without being the President or Mrs. Obama that this conservative asshole is wrong.  The President, sad to say, is straight (but, as the cliche goes, not narrow).

Rant over.  Tension released.  Conservative gay christian now goes in the recycle bin of my mind.

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