Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Geezer Goes to the Jewlry Store

Last January, I made a wish list of things I wanted to do during 2012.  Of those 10 things I listed, I’ve done only 2. . .  so far!

The first thing I did from that list is get a puppy.  I had envied Beni’s relationship with Lucky, and I wanted to have something similar in my life.  I got Gus.  I’ve been very happy to have him, and he seems to be glad to be here as well.

The more difficult thing for me to do from the list was to wear earrings again.  In the early 90's, I had my left ear pierced and wore earrings through most of the decade.  I became increasingly uncomfortable with them after I turned 50, thinking I was too old for such nonsense.  I stopped wearing them.

At the garage where I take my car is a very masculine guy — straight, if my gaydar works at all — who wears two hoop earrings in his left ear.  They are becoming to him, and they fit.  I envied him not so much the earrings as the confidence his wearing of them shows.  I wanted my earrings back.  But, in January, at the age of 65, I realized that I was even more self–conscious about the earrings than I was when I was 50.

In March, I put the earring back in my left ear.  The hole there wasn’t as closed as it looked, and it was easy to put it back in.  I wore the one earring for two months and found that (1) people didn’t seem to notice, or if they did notice, they couldn’t have cared less, and (2) I was very comfortable wearing the thing, most often forgetting I had in.

In May, I had my right ear pierced.  Since then, I’ve been wearing two earrings, usually small gemstone studs, with confidence and no comments, positive or negative.  I think people who notice figure that it’s just another strange behavior from this old gay geezer!

I’m not sure why this earring thing is important to me, but it is.  I guess wearing earrings does several things for me.  It satisfies an old hunger for bodily adornment that I always have been too insecure to satisfy.  It makes a statement about who I am — on several levels.  It allows me, for very little money, to search for, and very occasionally buy, pretty things.  It makes me feel good about myself, I guess.

Of the 10 things on my wish list, I’ve done two.  I’m surprised, really, that I’ve done that many!  I wonder if I’ll surprise myself again. . .

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