Saturday, January 4, 2014

Saturday, 1-4-2014: Dogs

This is my Border Collie, Angus.  He was 2 years old on 12-17-2013 (he shares a birthday with Pope Francis!).  We call him Gus.

Gus & I, December, 2013
He is a smart dog. . .  one way to tell that he is smart is the look on his face in this photo.  He is not happy with the hat!  He's also beautiful.  Hardly a walk through town goes by when someone doesn't tell us how beautiful/handsome he is.  Most of all, he's a great friend and companion.  My favorite memory - so far - of Gus is a time a few weeks after my Mom died.  I was sitting outside on some steps.  I wasn't crying or making any noise, but I was grieving.  Gus came over, sat next to me as close as he could get, and stayed with me for about 30 minutes.  Just sitting there.  Just the two of us.  Friends.

We have another Border Collie, Lucky (pictured above with our daughter, Becky), who has been with us for 4 or 5 years.  Our daughter, Sarah, found Lucky wandering the streets here in town in the middle of a snow/sleet/freezing rain storm.  Sarah put Lucky in her car, brought he to her house, and tried to find the owner.  When no one claimed her, Lucky became Sarah's.  Lucky developed the habit of escaping from Sarah's yard and making her way to our house, about half a mile away.  After escaping like that for several months, Sarah and her husband decided that Lucky wanted to live with us, and she has ever since. She is smart and she is very affectionate.  She licks (something Gus never does) as a way of showing us how much she likes us.  When Beni was down with chemotherapy for her breast cancer, Lucky stayed with her in bed 24/7 throughout the four months the chemo lasted.  She didn't leave Beni until Beni was back to normal.
Our third pup is Baxter (the black lab/pointer mix in the photo above).  He really belongs to our daughter, Beni, but he's been here with us for about nine months.  Baxter is beautiful!  He's also one of the sweetest-natured animals I have ever known.  He was mistreated as a puppy and abandoned.  Our daughter found him fostered by a rescue group.  When he first came to stay with us, he wanted constant reassurance that we loved him.  He spent all his waking life pushing himself into our bodies.  He would cry a hard-rending cry whenever we left him in the house with only the other dogs..  Now he is much more secure and at peace, although he still will demand affection whenever he feels he needs it.

This little guy is Summer.  He is one of eight pups in a litter of Border Collies.  He's now four weeks old.  My daughter, Sarah, discovered this litter and asked me which one I liked best.  Sarah would love to have a third dog.  She has an older Australian Sheep Dog and a 2-year-old Border Collie.  She'd like another Border Collie.  We'll see. . .  If it were me, and I was looking for a Border Collie, this little guy would be mine!!!

We all love dogs here.  They enrich our lives and teach us how to be better humans.
Here is my video blog for the day.  It's about God, and it rambles, so watch it at your own risk.



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